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Personalised collaboration and payments platform

Velvet Platform

With Velvet Platform you can make and receive multi-currency payments quicker than you can read this! Send and receive money for your work, sales and projects on your terms. Join the collaboration platform designed with collaborators, freelancers, start-ups, organisers and project managers in mind.

Getting to know you is the basis of everything we do!

How else would we know what you want from your collaboration platform?
We know that your projects are personal — so we keep it that way!

Through our personalised approach you can:

  • Collect payments in one place. Anytime, anywhere with no delay.
  • Send payments to multiple team members, according to your agreement with us.
  • Set the time frame of money distribution in advance to avoid disputes.
  • Hold just one account for all your projects — with no extra admin.
  • Secure your payments and donations to ensure they are safe.
  • Have a question?

You’re not saving but changing the economy!

Velvet Platform
  • You innovate, create and influence.
  • You work with others, you build communities, you develop your team and create new pathways
    — that most could only dream of.
  • Resilience is at the core of your work and you know that your work and contribution is important.
  • The traditional payment services and banks are not designed for the way you work... But Velvet Platform is.

Who needs Velvet Platform?

  • Freelancers
  • International project founders
  • Remote first companies and employees
  • Multicurrency projects
  • Start-ups
  • Revenue share projects
  • Influencers and collaborators
  • Co-living projects
  • Event coordinators

Benefits of joining Velvet platform

Velvet Platform

Make custom payments
Your project, your way

You set the payment conditions that work for you!

Velvet Platform

Fund security
You have peace of mind

Your funds are held in one highly secure place. Our AML/KYC check is of Gold standard.

Velvet Platform

No more workarounds
Velvet works just the way
you do

Today’s economy is different, it is time to have payments that work like you do.