Who we are

Our current territories/footprint stretches across the USA, United Kingdom, Estonia, and The Netherlands.

Soon we will also be present in Canada and Australia… and that is only the start!

Once you have joined any of our family of companies you can enjoy the product set of all of them with the push of a button.

Velvet Platform is a multi-currency payments platform, designed for collaboration, using the security of escrow. We aim to empower our customers to do business in the new economy on the basis of earned trust.

Enabling business without borders - where decisions about people are based on their choices and behaviour, not a category or a tickbox.

Our goal

We provide the infrastructure for the way our customers do business now - cross border, multi-currency, in collaboration and partnership with others in an environment of earned trust. We create the products our customers need to perform at their best and to create the world they want to see.

Our strategy

From the start the vision was clear: Velvet was born to be a fully automated multi-currency escrow account with remote authentication - all done with ease and in a secure and compliant manner.

Velvet 1.0 won prizes, but ultimately traction and uptake were low which brought greater clarity of what we needed to focus on - our core - the security of the platform.

Our passion to help grow this future economy in a secure manner has brought about Velvet Platform 2.0 which consists of the Velvet Platform, the AML/KYC module, and the GDPR module.

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Working together

Through our partnership with the European Coworking Assembly (ECA) we were introduced to a new universe of problems - the problems of the new economy.

In this we found the perfect fit for Velvet Platform: Bringing together real-life challenges and the secure platform of Velvet through accessible technology.

We realised that trust and security can cross industries and is at the core of all businesses. Even more so for startups, cross-border businesses, and collaborations all building towards the future economy.